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Flor de Añón is a wine, but it’s also about fun, sharing, laughing, touring around, going out for an aperitif, a Sunday wine at noon, a long meal or a dinner that never ends. Discover every Flor de Añón.

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Flor de Añon Verdejo

This is the first Verdejo produced in Aragón, the oldest member of the Flor de Añón family and one of the insignia wines of Ainzón but, above all, it is an original, fresh and lively creation that will bring a smile to your face.

Flor de Añon Rosé

No wine is more delicate in flavour, colour or design. A rosé to complete the Flor de Añón family, with the unique, fresh character of its siblings.

Flor de Añon Organic

It was the natural choice. Creating an organic wine with great intensity that brings the character of the vineyard straight into the glass. Mature with a unique personality.

Flor de Añon Red

A pure Garnacha with a touch of Syrah that rests for three months in the barrel. After this sojourn, a soft, aromatic and flavoursome wine emerges. Words don’t do this one justice: try it, and you’ll see what we mean.