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A collection of wines for the most demanding that reflects the elegance of the Grenache in all its fullness. Special, different and with its own personality.

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Flor de Cayus

One of Bodegas Ainzón’s flagships. A 100% Garnacha wine that perfectly reflects the character of our vineyards . Rich in notes and aromas, thanks to a short spell in the barrel.

Terrazas de Moncayo

A true work of art, using Garnacha from low-yield vineyards with over 40 years of history to guarantee outstanding quality.

Peñazuela Garnacha

A white Garnacha for a fruity, floral wine with the typical sensations and aromas of the Ainzón region. Try accompanying this versatile white with fondue, sushi or any kind of fish.

Peñazuela Vendimia

Another 100% specially-selected Garnacha wine whose freshness and spirit sets it apart. A meticulous production process combined with its time in the barrel give this wine a unique personality.